The Media and Birth: Influences and Consequences

Obviously I don’t think the media is a sole cause or sole cure for the issues surrounding birth. But I do believe it has a role to play.

The Media and Birth: How the Media Views Birth

Over two posts, I want to look at (1) how the media views birth and then (2) the implications of this view for birthing women.

Reflections On “One of Those Years”.

With the close of 2012 coming, I’ve been hearing people say that 2012 was “one of those years”. Something we say about a year when it hasn’t been what we’d hoped, and thus something I hear on a regular basis every year.

Guest Post: Words That I Remember

My early life wasn’t just filled with the ups and downs of living with someone who belittled me and showered me with praise intermittently, it was defined by it.

Big Boys Don’t Cry: What Not To Say To a Crying Child

My experiences led to my husband and I discussing things we’ve heard either while out as parents or as kids and I thought I’d share them here with my own take as to why they are not things I plan on ever saying to my daughter and why I hope you won’t either.

Birth Story – Sam from the UK

Another amazing birth story, this time from our Doula friend Sam from Blooming Miracle Doula Services.

To Lose A Mother

This was officially the weirdest welcome I’d ever had coming back to Toronto. And then my dad opened his mouth, and for everything, I wish I could go back and make that never happen.

Circumcision, Science, and Religion: Part 4

The conclusion in the circumcision series. This part includes an analysis of adult versus infant circumcision and some of the religious considerations that must be looked into.

Circumcision, Science, and Religion: Part 3

A continuation of the circumcision discussion with a focus on the science behind sexual functioning after circumcision, complications due to circumcision, and an overall summary of the scientific research.

Circumcision, Science, and Religion: Part 2

A continuation of the examination of issues, primarily scientific, around the circumcision debate.